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Inohs Sivad Evolution

Inohs Sivad has made music that has been called “transformative” since 2003. With four CD’s under her belt, she labels her sound a soul alternative fusion of R&B, Rock, Jazz, Electronica, Soul and Funk. Through the years, she has been backed by a number of players, but 2014 was the end of one era, and the beginning of another.

2015 marks the inaugural year of Inohs Sivad Evolution, her official band. Its four members – Deus X (guitar), CC (bass) and Matt “Champ” Lemons (drums) – masterfully follow Sivad’s lead to create music that blends genres, crosses cultures, and meshes melodies. Together, they aim to make music that connects the borders of musical landscapes.

Inohs Sivad Evolution reminds us that our existence is not one-dimensional and that we have to move with the ebbs and flows of it all to learn the importance of evolving into something more, something different, and something that drives us forward.

Lead Vocals: Inohs Sivad
Guitar: Deus X
Bass: CC
Drums: Matt “Champ” Lemons

A blending of Rock, Soul, Funk and Jazz

Original material: 02 hrs : 00 min
Cover material: 00 hrs : 30 min
Original Songs: 40
Average Draw: 250
Largest crowd: 1,000
Have sound: Full PA + Engineer


Someone asked me, what I thought of Inohs Sivad Evolution.

“Original and Soulful with an Edge, there’s no one else out there doing what they do, and I see a couple hundred bands a year. In addition to having a Killer voice, Inohs has a beautiful Spirit that makes her original songs shine! It’s impossible to stay in your seat! Truly!”
Cliff Gracey
Stage Manager – R&B/Jazz Stages
Jonathan Witz & Associates
Arts Beats & Eats Festival, Royal Oak, MI for 13 years | River Days Festival, Detroit MI for 10 years | Winter Blast Festival, Detroit MI for 5 years

Singer. Songwriter. Producer.

Inohs Sivad (pronounced ē-nōs sĭvăd) writes songs of everyday living — love, loss, joy and heartache — each resting on a genre-blending bed of rock, soul and funk.

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