Session Notes – Part 1

Magnetic Recordings

After two days at Magnetic Recordings, the rhythm section has been cut for five tunes. We’ll get to our overdubs this weekend. We’re working with sixteen tracks, so we’ve got to choose our parts wisely. What I love about this process is we have to consider in

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Never Give Up

Yesterday, I celebrated the life of my oldest friend’s mother, Willow Chambers, a stylish and vivacious woman. I was deeply saddened to hear of her passing but learning of her illness, I was grateful that she suffers no more. Her memorial service was well attended. It was

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The Value of Gumption

Hey all! A good friend of mine encouraged me to document my experiences as a musician, so I’m doing it. (Thank you, Anthony.) I’ve been a solo artist for many years until recently. I formed a super solid band with three other musicians in 2015. Today, we

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N1M feels the “Burn”

“Burn,” from my recently released, Fourward album is enjoying a nice run on the charts! For the last 3 or 4 weeks, “Burn” has been in the top 10 of the N1M Rock Chart. Also charting in the Top 20 are, “Deep Part 2” (No Goodbyes, 2011) and

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Sounds fantastic? recommends it., the premier online Soul Music authority, has good things to say about Fourward. Thank you Howard Dukes for the kind words! Read it for your self!

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Grandma and “Drive”

This week I’ve spent some time with my grandmother. At 90, she is still quite independent — living in the home that she and my grandfather built 60-some years ago. I marvel at her ability and desire to do chores that, certainly, a younger person should do.

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Jan 25 Mantra

Follow your instincts. Listen to your body. They are usually correct.

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Jan 24 Mantra

Be blameless in all your deeds, exercising good intention and good will.

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Jan 23 Mantra

Meditate daily. Believe. Our spirituality deserves exploration and cultivation.

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Jan 22 Mantra

Know who you are and always be true to yourself no matter the circumstances.

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