Never Give Up

Yesterday, I celebrated the life of my oldest friend’s mother, Willow Chambers, a stylish and vivacious woman. I was deeply saddened to hear of her passing but learning of her illness, I was grateful that she suffers no more. Her memorial service was well attended. It was apparent that throughout her life, she had touched many people.

It fascinates me when challenges bring out the best in folks. While I don’t know every detail of Ms. Willow’s life, I do know she raised five children as a single parent and simultaneously worked multiple jobs throughout her lifetime. Those things alone are no easy feat, yet with a solid spiritual foundation and a gang of besties, she lived well. Ms. Willow, like my mother, had heart. I guess that was the ilk of her generation — to work against the odds with tenacity, fervor and courage.

That’s how I want to be when I grow up.

Never give up. Never give up on life. Never give up on people. Never give up one’s passion. Never give up. Period.

I don’t know. Lately, I’ve been off my game. Consumed by national and world events, I’ve allowed fear to get the better of me. As negativity has crept into my psyche, I’ve floundered most of 2017, stewing in self-pity and doubt, thus stifling progress.

Fear brings out the worst in people. We’re seeing it more and more each day.

Going home to support my friend, Monnette and her family in their time of grief, has served me also. I’ve been reminded that love conquers all. Ms. Willow powerfully lead a life of love with a smile — it imbued her children with strength and confidence — it influenced her work ethic — it inspired lifelong friendships — within love, there is no room for fear, only life.

So Ms. Willow, may you rest eternally in peace. Thank you for reminding me to live with my whole heart and to love with my real one.

  1. Thanks Shon

  2. What a wonderful tribute post. And what a great message to be reminded of: never give up. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Beautiful….

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