Inteview on WDET’s Progressive Underground with Chris Campbell

Just in case you missed this interview, I’ve posted it here. Originally aired: November 4, 2012. Enjoy! Read more

Inohs Sivad in the Oakland PressOakland Press: Pontiac Singer Will Take Center Stage at Flint Event

March 20, 2008 – In celebration of Women’s History Month, Pontiac native Inohs Sivad will be serenading Flint with songs of self-affirmation and love. Sivad is the featured performer for the University of Michigan-Flint and LINK Community…Read more

Inohs Sivad Artist of the Week Detroit News 2003

Detroit News: Artist of the Week

November 21, 2003 – As songwriter, producer, guitarist, vocalist and programmer, Inohs Sivad is doing it all. Sivad started playing guitar and writing songs in the mid-‘90s. She even went above and beyond learning basic guitar and mastered a 12-string acoustic. The acoustic sound perfectly complimented… Read more

Inohs Sivad in the Detroit Free Press

Detroit Free Press: Local Musician Spotlight

August 8, 2003 – Who she is: Inohs Sivad is a Detroit-based soul artist making a stir in the local scene. She has performed at Fifth Avenue, the Camillian Cafe, the Neo Soul Sister Fest, the Music Menu, the Berkley Front, Bert’s Market Place, Half Past Three and 736 Java.Read more

Inohs Sivad in the Observer & Eccentric

Observer & Eccentric: On The Rise

August 7, 2003 – Every few years there’s a rumble in Detroit’s music scene about an artist who’s so unusual and talented that big things are expected to happen fast. Right now that positive energy is all around singer/songwriter guitarist Inohs Sivad.Read more

Inohs Sivad in MetroTimes 2003

MetroTimes: Shoni Backward

August 6, 2003 – In the summer of 1997 Café Aroma, the now-defunct coffee shop in Detroit’s West Village, held a weekly poetry series I hosted, where poets would gather to share their work. One night, Shoni Davis walked in with a guitar, zero performance experience — and truckloads of passion.Read more

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Inohs Sivad (pronounced ē-nōs sĭvăd) writes songs of everyday living — love, loss, joy and heartache — each resting on a genre-blending bed of rock, soul and funk.

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