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FOURWARD, Inohs Sivad’s fourth full-length album steps back into the past to bring clarity to the future, with a sound that’s simultaneously edgy and smooth. Through guitar-driven grooves, passionate lyrics, and hypnotic harmonies, this 11-track album is a bold take on her soul alternative fusion of rock, soul and funk.

Available Formats:

  • CD — 4-panel Digipak
  • CD+Booklet: 4-panel Digipak and the beautiful 16-page, Full Color Songbook with photos, lyrics and production notes.
  • Digital — High Quality MP3

Track Listing

  1. Forward
  2. Glass
  3. Pearls
  4. Burn
  5. Epic
  6. Drive
  7. Bridge
  8. Spirit
  9. Over
  10. Good Feeling
  11. My Prerogative

Production Notes

  • RELEASE DATE : October 25, 2013
  • RATING: ★★★★☆
  • RUNTIME : xx:xx
  • MUSICIANS: Inohs Sivad – Lead & Background Voice; Lavell Williams — Lead & Background Voice; Deus X – Guitars and Bass; Chris Donaldson – Drums; Duane Dawkins – Drums; Kevin “K-Stoke” Knott – Keys
  • BGV: Shinda Ewell, Dana Anderson, Naomi Daniel, Chris Donaldson
  • WRITERS: Inohs Sivad; LaVell Williams; Dana Anderson; Deus Christian; Tommy Lawrence
  • PRODUCERS: Inohs Sivad; Deus X Christian; Chris Donaldson


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Singer. Songwriter.

Inohs Sivad (pronounced ē-nōs sĭvăd) writes songs of everyday living — love, loss, joy and heartache — each resting on a genre-blending bed of rock, soul and funk.

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