Overcome (Physical)


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This CD features new arrangements of songs from the first three Inohs Sivad albums. This project serves as an introduction to EVOLUTION, the band I’ve always wanted. ~Inohs

01: Overcome (4:09)
02: IS (4:57)
03: Leap of Faith (4:55)
04: I Believe in You (4:26)
05: Calm (3:54)
06: Hmm. (5:29)
07: Out The Barrel (5:26)
08: Time Out (In Three Movements) (5:40)

Guest Musicians:
Kamaal Amen-Ra: Percussion
Ernest Sledge: Vocals
Monty Smith: Keys
Karen Hall: Percussion
Summer Laughhunn: Vocals
Der’John A. Hinton: Vocal Arrangement


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Singer. Songwriter. Producer.

Inohs Sivad (pronounced ē-nōs sĭvăd) writes songs of everyday living — love, loss, joy and heartache — each resting on a genre-blending bed of rock, soul and funk.

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