Overcome (Album Download)

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Overcome (Song Download)

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IS (Song Download)

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Leap of Faith

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I Believe In You

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Calm (Song Download)

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Hmm. (Song Download)

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Out The Barrel (Song Download)

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Time Out (Song Download)

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Revisit tunes from Inohs’ catalog with a new twist!

Vocals: Inohs
Guitars: Deus X
Bass: C.C. Smith
Drums: Matt “Champ” Lemons

Featuring: Monty Smith (Keys), Kamaal Amen-Ra (Percussion)


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Singer. Songwriter.

Inohs Sivad (pronounced ē-nōs sĭvăd) writes songs of everyday living — love, loss, joy and heartache — each resting on a genre-blending bed of rock, soul and funk.

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