Session Notes – Part 1

Magnetic Recordings

After two days at Magnetic Recordings, the rhythm section has been cut for five tunes. We’ll get to our overdubs this weekend. We’re working with sixteen tracks, so we’ve got to choose our parts wisely. What I love about this process is we have to consider in advance what parts serve the songs. So when we go to print, these tunes will be so full of intention—no bloat, no meaningless licks or lines— just clear themes.

I’ve not written collaboratively like this before so I’m really proud of our effort. We weren’t comfortable while musically arranging the tunes. We’ve stepped out of our comfort zone — I’m playing and recording my own guitar parts, CC is stretching out on bass, Matt is experimenting with fresh drum rhythms and background vocals parts, and Deus, definitely a musical zealot, is enjoying the ride while blazing on his Michael Kelly’s.

We’ve paid special attention to lyrical content. We were mindful that the lyrics spoke true to each member of the band. I must acknowledge Lavell Williams, for majorly assisting with the shaping our lyrics. We are using words that may not be lyrical but they speak our truth—and we hope you’ll be able to relate to them, too.

We have a working title. We’ll reveal it as we get a little closer to finishing this journey. I’ve attached a little snippet of me recording vocals on a tune named Lullaby. I hope you enjoy it. Ultimately, we write, record and perform hoping to connect with others. So, tell me, what do you look for in a song?

Magnetic Recordings Session – Day Two: Lullaby Vocal from Inohs Sivad on Vimeo.

  1. Love & Light!

  2. Can’t wait to hear the end result. I’m sure it will be awesome.


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